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What is Air Relax Recovery Boots?

Air Relax is an air compression device with multiple chambers that compress in succession. Our system increases blood flow through your muscles, which has been shown to aid with sports and other recovery, similar to the effects of a professional massage.  


What are the benefits of Air Relax Recovery Boots?

Air Relax Recovery is an essential aspect of recovery that is simple to use, program and wear for a effective quality based time that will not only improve your performance but speed your recovery. 


- Improves blood circulation

- Prevents sports injuries 

- Helps achieve longevity in the sport

- Removes muscle soreness 

- Filters lactic acid

- Boosts your performance 

- Treats swollen feet and legs


What are the main features of Air Relax Recovery Boots?


Air Relax System is pre-set at 15 minutes and has 5 different settings ("A", "B", "C" , "POINT" , "AUTO" ) to choose from.  


 "A'' mode inflates and deflates the chambers from the bottom up, one at a time.

"B" mode also inflates the chambers from the bottom up, but maintains the pressure in the lowers chambers as it works its way to the top. 

 "C" mode maintains pressure in all chambers at once, and then releases.

"AUTO" function starts when it's pressed during the operation. "AUTO" program combines "MODE" (A, B, C) and "POINT.  Pressure Level 3 will run by default. You may change it.

"POINT mode can target a specific section to inflate and deflate repeatedly. 

The pressure range is from 0-230 mmHG. There are 4 pressure levels, which can be selected by pressing the button during operation.  

Air Relax Recovery Boots

Coach Ani De Leon-Brown

Philippine National Triathlon Team Coach

3x IRONMAN World Championships Finisher

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